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Game and Movie Night by Dr. Ian Call

At SPCHS, we have a special tradition of hosting a Game and Movie Night for our students here at the Collegiate High School. The tradition was started by students in our Student Government Association and everyone enjoyed the event so much that we have continued the tradition ever since. This year we even had two Game and Movie Nights! Part of the tradition of Game and Movie Night is that a movie is playing in the “Fishbowl” and few students actually watch it, so this year the students decided that the movie portion of Game and Movie Night would be replaced by Karaoke.

In addition to Karaoke, students played video games in the classrooms and were provided lessons on how to be crushed at four square by Dr. Call. Thanks to PTSA’s sponsorship of the event and donations from parents, students were able to munch on Domino’s Pizza and other goodies including chips and cookies.

Special thanks to everyone who made the event possible; Mr. Hesting for organizing the event, everyone who donated snacks and goodies for the event, and to our wonderful volunteers for chaperoning the event, especially those volunteers that chaperoned the Karaoke room.

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