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SPCHS Prom “Escape to Neverland” A Night to Remember

St. Petersburg Collegiate High School students enjoyed a magnificent prom at the Bayou Club in Largo, on Saturday April 1, 2017. Students enjoyed a formal dinner, dancing, memorable pictures in the photo booth, and the coronation of Prom Court.


The SPCHS Student Government Association (SGA), under the leadership of SGA Senior Class President Laura Luc, planned the event. The theme, “Escape to Neverland” featured Peter Pan themed centerpieces, hanging lanterns, and an archway allowing students to enter Neverland. SPCHS students designed and made all of the decorations, transforming the Bayou Club into Neverland, including fog and twinkling lanterns creating a mysterious ambiance.
Mr. Hesting, SGA Faculty Advisor, and Mrs. Nikki Miller and Mrs. Krista Dupes, SPCHS parent Co-Chairs, also assisted with prom, as did several parent and faculty chaperones.

The students were on the dance floor all night and the consensus was that this prom was a huge success! SPCHS Sophomore Logan Neal stated, “I had a lot of fun! It was my first prom and we rented a limo. The decorations were really cool. I liked the food a lot and the DJ was fun. One of the highlights was when I was named ‘Duke’ and my girlfriend was named ‘Duchess.’ That was a surprise! Prom was a memorable experience.”

Lina Fares, SPCHS Junior, exclaimed, “Prom was so much fun! I really enjoyed dancing the night away with friends. It was a pleasant surprise when first-time nominees were named as ‘Prince” and “Princess.’ I loved the decorations and the feel of the theme, Neverland, was amazing.”

Furthermore, SPCHS Juniors liked the opportunity to take pictures on the golf course at the Bayou Club as expressed by Valarie Ramos when she shared, “I liked the venue for this year’s prom. The Peter Pan theme of the decorations showed in the littlest details. I liked the jars with glitter in them. The DJ was good. I have to say that, overall, I enjoyed this year’s prom more than last year’s. The food was better last year, but this year’s prom was special. I was happy that first-time nominees won for ‘Prince” and “Princess.’ It was fun and I enjoyed dancing. One of the highlights, for me, was the time of day. It was not too early or too late. Just before sunset. Making it the perfect time of day for taking pictures!”

Joey Lee, SPCHS junior, also liked the opportunity to take pictures as noted by his remarks when he stated, “One of the highlights from this year’s prom was the sunset. I enjoy photography and the lighting was perfect for picture taking! I liked the decorations, especially the Neverland clock design on the tables. I was nominated as ‘Prince,’ but was happy first-time nominees won.”

The students danced the night away leaving with a memento and wonderful memories of Prom!

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