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St. Patrick’s Day Social

By Dr. Ian Call

On March 14th, the students of SPCHS got into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit by wearing lots of green and taking the opportunity to socialize and snack on some green goodies.


Every year, the National Honor Society hosts the St. Patrick’s Day Social to create an opportunity for students to do what teenagers do best, eat and talk. Students from all three grade levels gathered in the lobby of the Student Services building on Friday afternoon to chat and eat some (mostly) green food including pizza, cupcakes, cookies, and candy. There was even punch! At the beginning of the social, students were given a goody bag filled with, you guessed it, goodies.


In addition, the National Honor Society felt that SPCHS students were not eating enough Chick-fil-A, so ten lucky students won 5-dollar gift cards to the Chick-fil-A restaurant of their choice. Soon after the social was over, all ten Chick-fil-A gift cards had been redeemed. Unfortunately, no actual leprechauns were able to attend the social, but there is always next year!

Special thanks to the National Honor Society officers and Ms. Segall for their hard work and dedication in making this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Social an amazing success!

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