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The Alumni Association at St. Petersburg College works to further the success of St. Petersburg College by supporting current students, providing assistance and career development opportunities to alumni, and advocating for the College.

For more information regarding the St. Petersburg College Alumni Association or for volunteer opportunities, please call (727) 341-3302. Additional alumni information is available. Make a donation to the SPCHS scholarship fund.

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St. Petersburg Collegiate High School alumni Amy Rice was recently awarded the prestigious Pritzker Research Fellowship in the Ph.D. program in Physics at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago. The Fellowship pays tuition, stipend and research funds totaling more than $200,000 over the four-year term of the award. After earning her A.A. degree from St. Petersburg College in 2009, Rice transferred to IIT. Last year, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics.

“Biology was my first love,” said Rice. “It’s what got me interested in science in the first place.”

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The SPCHS/SPC collegiate program provided a unique and invaluable experience that opened many doors during my continued education at the University of Florida and beyond. Having the opportunity to graduate from high school with an associate in arts degree allowed me the time to pursue various passions during my undergraduate career, and taught me independence and responsibility early on. The cozy and tight-knit SPCHS community placed inside the bustling SPC campus offers a perfectly balanced academic environment that fosters personal and academic growth while providing a powerful support group that students can always rely on. I will always fondly remember the talented staff and students at SPCHS and am very grateful for all the opportunities it has provided.

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