St. Petersburg Collegiate High School offers students the opportunity to learn in a dynamic educational environment. We leverage technology and offer state-of-the-art classrooms. Our classrooms are equipped with individual computers for each student, either Macs or PCs, and interactive Smartboards to enhance the learning experience. Our SPCHS Learning Labs are also fully equipped with both Macs and PCs and students can take advantage of additional technology through SPC.

Added Technology & Academic Resources For Students

  • Access to SPC’s Learning Resources, which provides individual and group tutoring free of charge.
  • Access to St. Petersburg College Libraries that house computer labs and study rooms.
  • Access to the SPCHS Learning Labs with workstations, laptops, and study areas exclusively for SPCHS students.
  • SPCHS provides textbooks, course materials, graphing calculators and other supplies at no charge to students.
  • SPCHS has an inventory of laptops that are available for loan to students if they do not have access to technology at home.