Curriculum & Instruction

Each student attending St. Petersburg Collegiate High School (at the St. Pete/Gibbs and the Tarpon Springs campuses) follows an individualized program designed cooperatively by school personnel (guidance counselors and academic advisors) and the student with input from parents. Staff members at the schools have the responsibility for providing instructional and ancillary support to ensure student success. The student remains responsible for fully utilizing the opportunities provided, and the parents remain responsible for providing a support system outside of the classroom.

Educational paths available: The Pre-Collegiate Program and the Collegiate Program

The Pre-Collegiate Program emphasizes instruction to prepare 10th grade students for success in college level courses. Our students take traditional high school courses such as English, World History and Chemistry along with specially designed courses that support college readiness skills.

The Collegiate Program supports 11th and 12th grade students considered fully dual enrolled in college coursework leading to completion of the requirements for an Associate in Arts degree.

Pre-Collegiate Program


  • English II and English III Honors
  • Chemistry (Honors or regular)
  • World History Honors
  • Economics Honors
  • Geometry Honors
  • Reading for College Success
  • Creative Writing
  • Study Skills for Academic Success
  • College level mathematics courses based on PERT score


(Juniors and Seniors)

  • Students take college classes with college professors and college students
  • Students follow the college schedule and usually attend Monday through Thursday
  • Students select courses with the help of a guidance counselor and an academic advisor.
  • Courses are selected based on:
    • High school requirements
    • A.A. requirements
    • Bright Futures scholarship requirements
    • Student interest and career choice
  • Students participate in the Leadership Program which includes a capstone electronic portfolio.

Data Driven Decisions

The teachers and staff at St. Petersburg Collegiate High School and St. Petersburg Collegiate High School North Pinellas understand that learning from data contributes to building an effective school and to helping students continue to improve their performance.

SPCHS recognizes the importance of examining a wide range of data including the Florida Standards Assessment  (FSA), the Postsecondary Educational Readiness Test (PERT), the PSAT and SAT, and the grades students earn in both their high school and college classes.

The SPCHS staff use data analysis to develop plans to address those weaknesses and make sure all students are achieving.

In addition to making decisions for individual students, the data review meetings help the staff determine necessary changes for continual improvement.

Are you Ready?

Are You a Good Fit?
  • Have you taken any honors courses in high school?
  • Do you love to read?
  • Are you…
    • Willing to embrace the Core Values, Vision and Mission of SPCHS?
    • A mature, self-directed, and responsible student?
    • Willing to work hard to accomplish your goals?
    • Ready to be academically challenged?
    • Willing to take responsibility for planning your future?
    • Willing to work collaboratively, act with integrity, and establish academics as your priority?
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