Why Choose SPCHS

We cultivate motivated learners.

Motivated students have an increased enthusiasm for learning. St. Petersburg Collegiate High School offers students in Pinellas County a unique opportunity to learn in a dynamic environment that fosters each student’s individual academic success. Stimulating high school curriculum and programs are offered along with college-level coursework, motivating students and allowing them to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and an Associate in Arts degree.

We Develop

Critical thinking is defined as a process of evaluating information by questioning and testing assumptions, accepting or rejecting arguments and/or perspectives, and applying reasoning to make informed decisions. At St. Petersburg Collegiate High School there is a distinctive melding of secondary and post-secondary curricula which requires students to be active learners who develop critical thinking skills.

We Empower

Leaders know that commitment to a plan of action is required to achieve successful results. Through the Leadership Program students are empowered and supported to assume leadership roles through service to the school, college, and community. The Leadership Program will reach into many different areas of the curriculum and culture of the school. Students will engage in real-life, hands-on learning activities and work to build skills and habits of mind that will support their achievement of their self-defined goals.

Benefits for SPCHS Students

  • Enjoy all of the benefits of high school and college
  • Two years of college at no cost including application, books, fees, and tuition
  • Gain valuable college readiness skills within a nurturing and supportive environment
  • Academic and career counseling
  • Two convenient campus locations in Pinellas County
  • Small learning environment with academic support
  • Three-year Leadership Program culminating in a leadership luncheon and electronic portfolio Capstone Event
  • Students may participate and serve in leadership roles in both college and high school clubs and organizations
  • Students may qualify to participate in the SPC Honors Program
  • Students enjoy both high school and college graduation ceremonies
  • Students may participate in college and high school events, such as prom, homecoming dance, Grad Bash, etc.
  • Free tutoring from SPCHS teachers, National Honor Society tutors and in SPC’s Learning Support Commons

Benefits For SPCHS Parents

  • Two years of college at no cost including application, books, fees, and tuition
  • Parent workshops to help you guide your child to academic success
  • Parent workshops to help guide the college admission process including scholarships and financial aid
  • Opportunities to serve on the Parent, Teacher and Student Association (PTSA), School Advisory Council (SAC), and at school events